Get More G Coins and Stars in Pro Feel Golf iPhone

Behaviour Interactive has brought a game with a fresh approach with unique and innovative controls where you will be allowed to become a golfing legend in Pro Feel Golf game.

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This game will give a unique golfing experience for iPhone users where you can play alone or against your friends on one challenges and compete for Daily rewards in a world-wide championship.

Along the game, you will simply plan your shots, upgrade your clubs, and score big with simple, one-touch controls.

Early on, you will have daily challenges in the main menu that you have to complete to earn some extra coins, that later on can be used to purchase new equipment

In related to the currencies of this game, it features g coins that you can get through daily challenges
Besides, your goal here it to get stars as much as possible

According to these stars, each level has three stars that you can get by fulfilling specific achievements.
With these stars, you can unlock upgrades and more levels.
And, you will always get one by simply passing the level within the par, but the other two are ones you have to hunt down in the game.
Sometimes, you will be prompted to use a power up or a certain type of equipment, and you will also be asked to perform a perfect hit, etc.

In the way of collecting stars and coins, you can try to add a little spin to your shots
With this spin, it determines where you tap the golf ball when you hit, in that tapping the center will add no spin, but in other places

At this point, there are various spins that you can apply to make a better shot
Topspin is to tap the top part of the ball, which decreases carry but increases run.
Backspin is to tap the bottom part of the ball, which increases carry but decreases run.
Sidespin is to tap the left side results in a fade, while the right side a draw.
Doing this will carry your ball more in the corresponding the direction.

In this game, carry refers to the initial distance your ball travels
And, run is the distance it makes after the first bounce on the ground.
For such reasons, you can take advantage of spin to maneuver obstacles or you can even combine some of these spins by tapping in the diagonal spots.

Later on, you will have to get used to tapping quick, whereby out of control shots are highly detrimental to your game.
To cancel the shot, try to let the ball meter fill up, then back down, and your shot will be cancelled automatically.

On the other side, if you want to make long shots be sure to learn two factor which are lie and wind speed.
Lie is how much the terrain your ball will be resting on affects your power.
As an illustration, if it says Lie 90%, you are about to shoot for 90% of your normal power
It means that you must try to compensate for the missing power.

In the mean time, you will also deal with wind speed.
If the wind is blowing fast against the direction you want to go, you should try aiming further in that direction.
Moreover, mastering the terrain and the elements will also be useful to make perfect shots

In addition, during the game, always watch the putting grid as this will enable you to get close enough to the hole.
This grid will show dips or inclines in the ground like blue for downhill and red for uphill.
Thus, just look at the grid before shooting the ball to the hole and make a better score


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