Get More Diamonds for Spreme Card in Spirit Guardian Vanguard Rush iPhone

Youzu Games has launched their newest game which is called as Spirit Guardian Vanguard Rush that you can play both on ios and android devices

spirit guardian vanguard rush walkthrough ios android

This game can be categorized into RPG, where you will be able to gather up some powerful cards consisting of hundreds of heroes, then get a high-level hero card with diamonds, the premium currency of this game

Then you will go to the arena where you will compete with the ranked players that are based on the score
Here, the top ten players will be granted with a bunch of rewards in form of diamonds, gold and honor, the element to be exchanged of Epic Hero Shard.

When you get 24 level in the game, you can access mystic store, a good place to get more shards such as hero shard and the equipment shard
Plus, you will get a complete piece of purple equipment

If you play this game daily, you will get three-time for challenges in the infinite dreamland
And, every checkpoint will come along with a special reward in form of the epic hero shard

At this point, you will be able to take part in infinite dreamland challenges to get the epic hero shard to be used to combine one epic hero.
Later on, you can join the guild to own epic hero.

On the other side, you must enhance equipment to increase the properties.
Affinity equipment will provide your heroes some additional properties when they are equipped on heroes with the right Affinity.

And, legendary equipment in orange will be the most powerful, that will need 50 shards to synthesize.
Epic equipment in purple color will need 30 shards to synthesize.

The equipment in Spirit Guardian is not bound to heroes, but they can be swapped between heroes to save up your gold and other resources.
So, make sure to keep your heroes’ equipment updated as they level up

This game will take diamonds as the premium currency that you can get for free or by purchasing them in iaps
To get them for free, you have to complete certain quests or missions given by this game
Or, be sure to take part in the events to get a chance to get those diamonds for free

For further, just complete daily mission to get them as well
With a bunch of diamonds you have collected from the game, you can now purchase rare card for your collection


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