Get More Diamonds for New Ball in Round Balls iPhone

Round Balls is a new challenging, addictive, arcade endless game that you can play both on the ios and android devices

round balls walkthrough ios android

Your main objective here is to make a ball spin around for as long as possible.
In the mean time, you must avoid all of the spikes coming in your path
Each time you can do so well, you will gain score and collect diamonds to unlock new balls

When performing your action, always watch out for the side of the board that the spikes will come out
Usually, you will see the spikes appearing in a pattern, whereby you must concentrate on it

As usual, this game will feature diamonds as the premium currency which you can gather up the levels
Besides, you can watch the ad videos to get 50 diamonds for free
Later on, each time you need those diamonds, just tap the reward button to get 50 more diamonds

After having enough diamonds, just go to the store and use the diamonds to get new balls.
It is caused by getting expensive balls will allow you to get more elaborate patterns and colors.

In addition, this game may sometimes pop up the advertisement during the gameplay
To get rid of this, you can set your phone into an airplane mode
Or, you can purchase the ad removal from the iaps


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