Get More Diamonds Coins in Super City Smash iPhone

Colopl NI has a new kind of city builder game called Super City Smash, where you will be able to build your own metropolis with the swipe of a finger then compete with players worldwide for coins and gems

super city smash walkthrough ios android

In other words, all you will do in this game is to build cities and increase your population.
You will then compete in a city building contest on the reality TV show called SuperCitySmash to help your company grow to become bigger cities
Once your cities get bigger, you will automatically get more Development Points than your rivals

In the way of growing up your city, you can firstly construct buildings form the shop
Here, you will be able to purchase roads and expand your land in the Shop menu which need Coins and Items to get buildings that you want.

Later on, you will have to increase your population to come to your city that will earn you more coins or diamonds, the main currencies of this game

In accordance with this, you will really need Residential buildings to increase your population.
Also, be sure to place effective buildings near your Residential buildings as this will increase your population a little bit fast.

Besides, you must also level up your buildings to become more effective
And, you can also try to expand them to change their appearance

As said earlier, coins and diamonds or gems are the main currencies of this game
In order to collect coins, you can get them from Commercial Buildings.
At this point, just across coin balloons to collect them all at once.

Besides, you can also get some free diamonds by completing quests and from daily bonuses.
Also, be sure to complete each task that will earn you more diamonds

For further, you will also need items to purchase and level up certain buildings.
To get these items, you can produce them at industrial buildings.

You can also get those items by helping out a friend, or you will receive them as the presents from your citizens
Sometimes, you may get rare items from those items.

Some buildings with specialists can use special abilities whereby you will have to wait for a while to use of these special skills in the game.


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