Get More Coins to Unlock New Guns in Sketchman iPhone

Sketchman, an endless runner game is brought to you by Ketchapp and Miniclip, where all you will do here is to jump, double jump, glide and shoot your way through hordes of enemies while collecting coins along the way

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To do your actions in this game, you will also be equipped with the guns that you can use to shoot and defeat endless enemies.

In this game, your character can do three different tiers of jumps such as the main jump and the double jump
You can try to perform the double jump by jumping when you are already in midair.
In the mean time, just tap again, hold the screen, and your character will glide or float back down to the ground slowly.
Doing this will be handy to get over almost any obstacle and collect coins scattered on the sky.

To shoot enemies, just hold the fire button to keep firing steadily, rather than tapping it over and over to get it to fire rapidly.

Also, try to tap and hold it again after jumping so that you can shoot again once you are in the air.
Performing smart air-firing will be a good way to get over obstacles above.

When dealing with the boss in this game, be sure that you time his shots first.
If you are on the ground when he shoots at, it will be aimed at the ground.
And, if your position is in the air when he fires, his shot will be aimed at the air.
To do this, you can try to bait him to shoot at the ground, then you can jump and shoot at him.
Just keep doing this to finally kill the boss by taking away his entire health bar.

Once collecting enough coins, be sure to save them up and always use them to unlock new weapons.
After going through some stages, be sure to get a new gun in the gun shop for much better fire power and a far better firing rate, which is especially handy when dealing with bosses and tough obstacles that have a lot of hit points.

In related to get more coins for free in this game, you can try to get some of the coin power ups in the shop.
Just get 10x double coins to earn 25 coins per round in which it will give you 50 coins upon use
Moreover, you can get the coin magnet or the blood for extra coins, that will help you collect coins more often.
Thus, the more coins you get, the better weapons you unlock


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