Get More Coins to Unlock New Characters in Finger Hero iPhone

Finger Hero : Avoid obstacles developed by DaftMobile is a kind of a challenging single touch high score game that you can play on the ios device recently.

finger hero walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to pick your hero, tap and hold to move swiftly
In the mean time, you can also control and steer it clear of the obstacles on the stage.
Note that if you bump into one of them you must start it again
So, never to lift your finger from the screen while you are playing

In other words, your main objective here is to go as far as you can while making score points as much as possible with your 3D Touch

During in your action, try to press the screen harder which will make your character go in rapid pace Performing this will be the best way to stay in the slower column and when you are moving around
Then, you can speed it up when you are about to gain fast high-score records.

In the mean time, you are able to gather up coins within the levels
To get more easy coins, you can merely watch the ad videos
Plus, you can get more coins by collecting the free prizes

After getting 100 coins, you can then spin for new characters such as Darth Finger, Scream, Tank, Mushroomio, Celebrate Pride, PewDieCake, Bat, Invader, Mac Pan and Fire
At this point, you can use 25 coins to re-spin before closing the character wheel.
Your new character will give you a different look and it does not affect the gameplay performance

During in your action, always focus on moving the tip of your finger around all of the obstacles in which you can see your character`s action by applying this


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