Get More Coins to Unlock New Character in What`s Jumping iPhone

Bulkypix has come to the apple store along with their newest game called as What’s Jumping
In this game, you will get to jump over the spikes, cars, and other assorted obstacles for as long as while gaining high score

what`s jumping walkthrough ios android

To do this, you must time your jump so that you can collect loads of diamonds to unlock new characters
Every time, you do each jump you get one point in this game.
When performing double jump you will earn a second point
So keep jumping to gain score points into higher

In the mean time, you will also get to gather up coins by running into them
Also, collect some big diamonds which are worth multiples each.

In order to earn more coins, just go to the in app purchase store and earn more coins by tapping on the video icon
There, you will be tasked to watch the ad video to earn ten coins for each video.

After getting 100 coins, you can use it to unlock a random skin for your character such as a sea otter to a little animated iPhone.
That character may be a bigger or a smaller target, depending on their actual size.

Always do a double jump, which you can do by tapping the jump button while still being in midair. Performing double jumping will give you two points
Thus, you will get points at double the speed on single jumps.

Sometimes, you can also unlock the new characters by getting a high enough score
In line with this, make sure to get all of the required points in one single round, as opposed to over multiple rounds cumulatively in the game.


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