Get More Coins to Unlock Hiddens Characters in Blocky Raider iPhone

Full Fat Games has a new endless hopping game which is called as Blocky Raider where you will have to go through an endless temple, while avoiding such obstacles as slamming walls, fireballs and rolling boulders for a high score

blocky raider walkthrough ios android

In the mean time, you will also have to collect coins, that you can use to unlock a whole host of new characters such as #robot, #poo, #worm, #clara, #clevergirl, #panda, #clown, #ninja, #bog and #realboy

Early on the game, you will get a free gift every so often.
Then, you can get them more by doing time lapse trick on your phone
In line with this, just set the time ahead on your phone by however long the timer has left to count down
Afterward, go back to the game and collect your gift after the next round.

When performing your action, do not go too quick, just slow down while watching all of the obstacles that will always move in recognizable patterns.

Just stand for a while before crossing paths with the obstacle in question
At that time, just wait and watch it, whereby you will know how long of a safe period you have.

After going through for some stages and getting 100 coins, you can get a new character out of the gacha or gumball machine

Those characters will perform the same, but they will only give you different looks with humorous hash tag attached to them.

On the other side, you will also have secret hidden mystery characters, which are currently undiscovered yet

Coins here will take a role as the main currency that you can get for free along the stages
In order to earn coins, you can see them scattered around on a level to collect.

But, if you want to get them quickly, you can watch a free ad video that sometimes pops up after a round is complete.
By watching the ad video, you will be rewarded with gold coins that you can use to collect new characters in this game


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