Get More Coins to Get Legendary Sword in Sky Hero iPhone

Sky Hero made by Kokonut Games can be included into a new endless falling game which is specifically designed for the iOS device only.

sky hero walkthrough ios android

Here, all you will do is to fall as far and gather up coins as much as you can.
When performing your action, you must also try to avoid the giant fireball trying to get you.

This giant fireball will sometimes be behind you for awhile, and if you run into a different obstacle, he will get closer to your location.
Do not tap two obstacles in a row, or it will end up the game.

If that happens, you can continue to use a heart to restart the stage
Alternatively, you can watch a free advertisement video to continue on the new stage.

Later on, you can also catch a speed-up, a downward-facing chevron, then get a little bit more wiggle room.

Once going through missions in the Royal Castle, you will be able to unlock a new level which is called the Dragon’s Temple.

Always watch out for the Sacred Ruins to be added in later game, once you have completed the Dragon Temple missions.

You can play early stage by using touch controls, where all you will do is to touch the left side of the screen to go left and touch the right side of the screen to go right.
You can also prefer using tilt controls to touch controls in the option menu.

As usual, this game will feature coins as the premium currency
Every time, you can complete a level successfully, you can get coins, which you can use to purchase upgrades to your power ups

Moreover, you can also use your coins to purchase the legendary sword for 1,000 coins.
With this kind of sword, you will get five swings of the sword before you buy more swords in the game.


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