Get More Coins to be Golden Auctioneer iPhone

Cherrypick Games has a unique game called as Auctioneer that you can mainly play on the ios platforms
Here, all you will do is to pick the high bid correctly for having more coins

auctioneer walkthrough ios android

At this point, it may be a bit difficult since there will be more bids, with higher digit numbers on the screen every time.

Once going through some stages, you will be able to predict what the number range will be the next bid.
Along with it, you can figure out most of the bids by looking at the two highest digits in the number.

To play this game is pretty simple as you will go for higher bid to get more coins
Bidding higher, you may get two coins, and if it is very high, you may get three coins for the round.

After getting enough a hundred coins, you can use them to unlock a new auctioneer character.
This new character will still the same but it may change the new look rather than old character

In order to earn coins fast is to tap only the minimum amount of necessary high numbers of bid
In line with this, when the score is above 500, you will get one coin.
If you have two or more coins, you will get the thousands of points.

Later on, if you get the rest of them quickly, you can unlock the golden auctioneer
On the other side, you may get the ad shown up on the screen while you are playing

In order to get rid of this, you can set your phone into an airplane mode
Or, you can purchase the ad removal from iaps


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