Get More Coins for VIP Level in Tennis Champs Returns iPhone

Tennis Champs Returns from Uprising Games can be said as a brand new tennis game which you can test and play on the iOS and Android phones.

tennis champs returns walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game is a continuation of the Amiga hit Tennis Champs, where you will control over your player where they will move to beat the opponents at the field

To play this game, you can firstly play on the daily challenge and career mode
Playing in daily challenge will serve up a mixture of modes, opponents and mini games daily, where you must complete it to get more rewards

Meanwhile, you can also try playing in career mode which will pit you against a field of 200 professional tennis players then get a tour on a full world tour packed with events.

During the game, just make sure to aim your shots and take positive control of how hard the shot is.
To do this, just hold the button which makes the bars come together, and let it go when the bars are just touching as you want to.
If you want to the proper release point any closer, your shot will be better.

As usual, coins will be the main currency of the game that you can get by going to the IAP store and tapping the option in the lower right hand corner of the screen to watch a promotional video for 15 free coins.

Once making a good progress in the game, you will gain levels and earn skill points.
So, make sure to analyze your game and learn what your most used and most valuable skills used for your skill points

Consider to learn speed and agility, and other movement skills, which will be useful since you can apply them to any situation.

Furthermore, you can tap the training hub as you want to play for skill points.
If you can do it better, you can get higher chance to win more skill points
Then, you can use them to improve your various tennis skills in the game.


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