Get More Coins for Upgrades in Hammer Bomb iPhone

Hammer Bomb from Crescent Moon Games is a kind of a new dungeon-exploration style arcade games which is specially designed for the ios and android platforms

hammer bomb walkthrough ios android

Your main objective here is to help and guide Sir Hammer bomb to rescue all of his captured soldiers which are taken to the dungeons

To rescue them, you will need to enter dark mazes and dungeons full of monster hordes that you will need to beat and you must also collect treasure such as Seek the secret crystals from there which will be useful to find the way into the next dungeon.

During the game, you will need to put and blast bombs to open secret areas so that you can find the best treasures.

Besides, you will also go on quests searching for various types of junk food then level up and gather up all 50 perks to enhance your abilities.

To beat enemies during in your exploration, you will be equipped with various weapons, bows, swords, magic, and the almighty hammer

Always explore everything during in the dungeon while completing secret quests, collecting crystals, rescuing soldiers, getting chests, and more
Each time you accomplish on a dungeon, you will gain more experience

And, every time, you beat enemies, you will get extra experience and the end of a level.
When performing your action in the dungeons, you will find chests and weapons that you can use to take out all of the enemies on the floor.
Plus, you will also get more ammo for your weapons there.
Always try to use up all of your weapons before picking up new ones

Later on, you can use coins to purchase the radar upgrade from the shop in between each floor of the dungeon
With the radar, you will know that enemies show up as red squares on the mini-map when you are about to get close to them.

Thus always consider to accomplish the quests and collect coins for some upgrades which will be handy for later stages in the game


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