Get More Coins for New Characters in Punchy League iPhone

Punchy League can be said as a fresh endless boxing game that you can mainly play on the iOS devices
Here, you will simply beat up anything in your path for coins to unlock new characters

punchy league walkthrough ios android

With all gold coins you have collected from some stages, you will be able to get new characters such as Midas The gold maker, Ninja Ned, T-Rex, Assassin, Hunter, Airhorn, Mutant, Segway, The Chairman and The Shark

In this game, all you will do is to go as far as you can
When performing your actions, you should watch the movements of the enemy as you go.
If you see the obstacle to be turned into red, it is about to attack.
Early on, you will see the robot boxer, which will punch you at a time
And, the landmine will sprout spikes when it turns red
Then, the spikes will retract when the light turns green again.

For such reasons, you will have to punch them as much as you can to get some coins
In the mean time, always stay alert of a spiked mine.
You may need to do slightly shorter punches to be a little bit more accurate.
If you punch enemy longer, it might end up being tougher to win with.

When battling with a challenger, you will find them to do a slight punch that will constantly punch with the same hand.
To punch such enemy, you can tap on left, then right, and keep doing it quickly
At that moment, you must set yourself up to get into position, then beat them out before a long punch.

After collecting 100 coins, you can take part in a challenge mode where you can compete with your friends or other players online.

At this mode, you and your friend will be on a football field, trying to knock each other out
And, whoever scores a touchdown first, he will be the champion.

If you play with different characters, you will have different types of levels and enemies
Thus, just go to the character select screen to see what their capabilities are.


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