Get More Coins for Deluxe Pass in Super Skip World iPhone

Super Skip World from Sunken Media can be said as a new endless rock-skipping game which you can play only on the ios devices recently

super skip world walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to skip rocks, sushi, tacos, and cats around the world for to gain points as high as possible

In other words, you will skip along the water for as long as possible, and if you can do accurately you will go longer and get points higher

On the other side, you will also be able to unlock all kinds of characters fro popular games such as Adventures of Pip, Dodge Club Party, Pizza vs Skeletons, Shantae Risky’s Revenge, Super Secret Service, The Executive and Watch Quest

Every time you play, you will need one coin
In line with this, you will get coins in any other ways
Once running out of coins, you can wait for them to be restored or you can merely tap and watch the advertisement video for 7 free coins.

In order to load up the ad videos quickly, just scroll all the way to the right on the character select screen then tap one of the characters that you cannot get before

Then, you can tap the ad, back out, tap the character, and tap the ad again to watch video until you have got over 20 coins.
Doing so will allow you to load up on lives, or to load up on characters for free.

During your action, just try to aim your bounce so that you can hit the water and get a halo smiley.
Doing these jumps will turn the fish gold swimming underneath you.

After getting all of the fish turned gold, you will get your character floated upward so that you get points from doing that action.

Once the floating maneuver occurs, you will see the fish to reappear, with one extra fish added.
If you want to get the fish floated just do it all over again

Later on, if you go farther, your rock or other character will bounce faster
At this point, just get ready for a fast fall after the floats occur.

To deal with this, just try to time it right to keep bouncing your character as long as possible
According to this, you can then bounce from one city to another and from day to night then back to the day again.
Thus, just keep the rhythm of your bounce which will gain you points as high as possible


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