Get More Cash to Recruit Rare Heroes in Marvel Mighty Heroes Android

DeNA will let you choose your team consisting of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes from the Marvel Universe such as captain america, iron man, star lord, the hulk spider man, black widow, doctor strange, thor, etc in which all of them is wrapped in Marvel Mighty Heroes game designed for ios and android

marvel mighty heroes basic walkthrough iphone android

Once your team is ready, you will deal with villains such as venom, green goblin, kingpin, loki, etc
Here, you can play as your favorite Marvel characters with up to 3 other players online

On the other side, you can also play together in 4-player co-op battles against Marvel’s most dangerous villains and minions to defend the Marvel Universe.
In the mean time, you can also take 3 heroes with you to switch between in the battlefield
Then, you can battle your way for daily and weekly rewards that will lead you to the top of the leaderboard
Along the game, you will pound, smash, shoot or blast your enemies all the way to get your victory

Now, it is the time to embark on your heroic adventure and test your skills against the most dangerous enemies in the Universe.
Throughout the game, you will go through each mission that will need solid teamwork, strategy that will really be helpful when dealing with those villains.

Furthermore, you will be able to recruit new heroes on a random basis, and some of them are rarer than others, that is indicated by the number of stars on the suit.
If you come with the rarity and higher stars, you will recruit the lower likelihood hero

In related to these heroes, every new heroes or costume that you get will also come along with brand new skills that you can then upgrade your characters by maxing out their skills to deliver their full potential

These following lines are the information describing your likelihood of getting high star rated heroes in Mighty Heroes game

Free Recruit
Rarity Likelihood
1 Star 74.27%
2 Star 15.85%
3 Star 9.68%
4 Star 0.19%
5 Star 0.002%

Rarity Likelihood
3 Star 88%
4 Star 10%
5 Star 2%

In addition, every time you recruit new heroes with the rarity, you will need cash or gold
For such reasons, you will have to earn in-game currency, Cash or Gold that you can collect by winning the battle with enemies.
Or, if you want to get cash instantly, you can purchase it through iap store


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