Get More Cash in Dictator Outbreak iPhone

Tigrido will allow you to be the young dictator of a democratic republic in the Indian ocean, in which you will have the limitless power to make more than 300 fateful decisions in your reign.

dictator outbreak walkthrough ios android

Throughout the game, your goal is to make decisions and at times, challenging decisions, but you should also stay cautious, wise and practical politician in your wisdom

Anyway, it will be not worth it to be overly concerned about the welfare of the country
In fact, it is all fleeting and you must think about the welfare of your own family first before making a big decision concerning with public.

Besides, you will have to retain the position of dictator as long as possible so that you will be able to punish treacherous enemies and praise true friends, as well as spinning cunning intrigue and exposing clever plots.

For being the dictator, you are able to dictate the fashion of the day for millions of people where their gazes are fixed only upon you.

On the other side, you can outfox the insatiable prosecutors and greedy oligarchs and restrain the teeming masses of the people

Always make sure there is no revolution and you must overcome your enemies for trying to revolve your reign and rule

In the way of dealing with all demonstrator and your enemies, you will be given with a bunch of cash that you can use to purchase any items to deal with the revolt

Here, you can also determine your approach to each of the 3 factions while spinning intrigue and unravel conspiracies in your reign
So just try to make your own glory in the history of your country for the ages by playing this game


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