Get More Cash for Elite Bundle in Perfect Shift iPhone

Perfect Shift from Lextre can be said as the ultimate drag racing game, which is downloadable for ios and android users only

perfect shift walkthrough ios android

In other words, this game is a one touch game where you will be behind the wheel of power cars to nail down your shifting skills to get involved in a drag racing.

In this game, you will have got a chance to compete with the other racers worldwide in visually stunning 3D race environments such as abandoned tunnels, deserted city streets and dark industrial areas.

You will also be able to design and upgrade 25 unique cars to increase its performance such as having powerful engines, better tires and more

Once your car is ready, you can challenge your rival in regular races, club tournaments, daily competitions, ladders and time races to raise world domination

After having some races, you must upgrade your engine, turbo, gear box, tires, nitro, weight and aerodynamics

During in the race, be sure to use the perfect shift timing
The main point to play this game is all about shifting, which is the perfect one

At this point, you will usually use the gear up button
When doing so, if you shift too early or late into your next gear, you may get stuck at an awkward speed

So, just try to get back into the correct speed faster, while shifting back down and building your speed back up.

Every car herein will come along with its own different timing windows
When you are about to shift the gear, if you see the yellow icon on the tachometer to show up, go hurry to tap the green perfect shift range.

To get different look when having a race, you can firstly customize your car such as changing the color of your car, adding vinyl, and replacing the rims.
Doing all of these will increase your prestige, in which you will get more bonus money from it

Be sure to always upgrade your car after going through some races
You can firstly upgrade the nitro boost in that it can only be used once per race but it can lead you to be a champion

After getting enough money from the race, you can now purchase new cars
Once getting them, you may have to upgrade the stats to be the most powerful than the old cars


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