Get More Bucks to Unlock New Characters in Star Skater iPhone

Star Skater from Halfbrick Studios can be included into an action-packed downhill skater game which is specifically designed for the ios and android platforms.

star skater walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to skate on the road and perform crazy tricks to get some points
In the mean time, you will also have to avoid cars and other obstacles lying in the way while grabbing all cash to unlock new characters such as Magic Burritos, Whomper the Gorilla, Zyptrons Wheels, Barry, Bones the Skeleton, Spaceman, Santa, Fluffy the Panda and Punk Male

When performing your action, you must control your speed
When controlling your character, one nick or bump into the sides of the road will send your character flying into the distance
Therefore, slowing down your skater or doing sharp will be necessary here

Later on, you will also be able to collect the time bonuses and three stars on each level.
To get them all, you have to score high and get through the finish line faster
Meanwhile, you can also pull off tricks when speeding your skateboard

Grabbing time bonuses scattered throughout the level will sometimes give you different amounts of seconds, which usually range from +2 to +10 timer increase.

On the other side, you must do some cool tricks to gain more points in the game
You can do the tricks during at a decent speed which is around 40 MPH
During at that sped, be sure to tap and hold both turn sides of the screen.

And, if you see your skater to be parallel to you, just let go to do a switchflip.
Doing this trick will reverse the side your skater to give you a couple of points.

Also, you can do a mid-air one which you can do when you have enough speed
At that time, when you hit a bump in the road, you will be airborne for a second or two in which it will turn either direction to a spin
And, if you have more spins to pull off before hitting the ground, you will get more points

Seemingly, this game will feature bucks as the main currency to unlock new characters
To get these bucks, you can collect them all scattered on the street

Or, you can get these bucks with the bucks machine, which lets you spend your hard earned skater bucks.
With enough skater bucks you have collected through some levels, you can unlock a new character, board, and more items in the game

In addition, when playing with the bucks machine, you will get a chance to open a free gift package containing around 100 skater bucks for free to collect
So, just keep playing to get the opportunity to open one for having more skater bucks for free.


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