Get More Berries for New Characters in The Good Dinosaur Dino Crossing iPhone

Disney has launched their new game which is The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing as a new Froggeresque game which you can play both on the iOS and Android devices

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Along with the premier launching of this game, this game is taken from the new Disney Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur.

Along the game, you will guide Arlo, his caveboy, to run as far as possible, while trying to avoid the obstacles scattered on the path

When performing your action, you will get two hits before your round is over.
After getting hit in the first time, your character will still go away to run as the caveboy, Spot. Then, if Spot also gets hit, you must restart the round again by watching the ad videos.
So, always try to plan your next move while anticipating where the obstacles will move

As usual, this game will feature berries as the premium currency of the game.
You can collect these berries scattered on the screen while you are playing in Bonanza mode

Later on, you can also get them more by tapping the video icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
At this point, all you will do is to tap the icon to get double berries for half an hour.
in the mean time, you will see a Berry Bonanza to open up, along with all berries replaced with big berry bunches.

Early on the game, it will be better to play in the endless mode and practice for awhile
Playing in this mode will throw randomly generated levels at you, in which you will get a blend of all of the obstacles that you will deal with in different levels.
Once mastering that mode, you can then continue to play in the main journey levels

During your actions, you may see power ups to appear along the levels.
In line with this, be sure to pick up the shield and use it to be invincible for about ten seconds.
Using this only when you are dealing with a bunch of obstacles standing in your path

Besides, you can also use the block of ice which will make time slow down temporarily.
You can use this when trying to pass tougher stages, such as in the final level.
On the other side, you will also have to get high score that you can share on the leaderboard

In addition, with all berries you have collected from the screen, you can use them to unlock new characters such as Butch, Nash, Ramsey, and other daring dinosaurs in the next updates
Thus, always save them up to unlock some new characters which will give you a different look when playing the next stages in this game.


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