Get More Action Points in Transformers Battle Tactics Elite Pack iPhone

DeNA Corp has finally launched Transformers: Battle Tactics on the App Store and Android
This game is a kind of an exciting turn-based strategy game where you will meet your favorite autobots such as optimus prime, megatron, bumblebee, etc.

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Here, you can also manage your teams consisting of autobots and decepticons side-by-side in strategic combat experiences with other players wordlwide.

Each robot in this game can change modes its stats and abilities shift, in that you can also link your robots together to create powerful Combiners that can change the tide of war by dealing critical damage and leveling the battlefield.

To level up your robots, you can play in single player campaign, real-time PVP battles and thrilling live-events, as these modes will give you the opportunity to reign supreme at the top of the leaderboards where you will be able to earn rare and powerful rewards.

At the beginning of the game, you can begin with recruiting all robots once then see them in battle.
You can recruit the ones with higher tier, but their type also matters a lot and you should take that into account.
At this point, you can see them first in battle then decide how your perfect team should be.

To get the perfect team, each robot is classified into a different family like the Autobots marked by the Red icon on their portray.
If you can get a team of the same type of Transformers, you will have an extra bonus in all battles
For such reasons, always try to set up your perfect team first before going to battle with enemies

Before going to the battlefield, make sure to check out the robots your opponent has, then decide the order that you have to take them out and know what skills you will use in any type of situation.
If you can learn this basic rule, you will win the matches

Meanwhile, you can try all combinations first before deciding which your first team should be.
After deciding the perfect team, you can start upgrading those robots only and do so evenly.
Next, you can go on a roll and win all your matches

Later on, performing the first strike indicated in the blue lightning symbol will usually give you a great bonus
And, when you will roll the maximum, the damage caused by that specific robot will decrease, having all your team shoot first is a major bonus.

Moreover, you can try to combine the first strike to have a big bonus
At this phase, your robots will always attack in the same order which are top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right
And, just count the damage each does and decide which enemy is easier to beat first.
Generally, you will take out the robots with as few shots as possible
In line with this, always optimize the numbers to take out the greatest number of hit points.

On the other side, for the skills which need more than one action point, you can spend them in one round.
You can always use these points for high value skills when you have some left
Using these special skills will make the difference between a win and a loss in the battlefield.

Sometimes, you will have a health robot in rolling a low number
When seeing this, you do not have to be hurry to spend Re-Spins on them
You can simply change form and give you a team bonus.
For further, you can do the same with all your transformers and do your best to turn a low roll disadvantage into an advantage on your team

In addition, this game is free to play but if you want to get the most powerful robots, you can go for the purchase of in-game items such as Special Pack, Basic Pack, Deluxe Pack, Superior Pack and Elite Pack
which can increase the strength of your robots and boost their performance as well.


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