Get Mega Stone to Evolve Pokemon Shuffle Mobile iPhone

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is a matching puzzle game where you will be brought to battle against wild Pokemon to catch them ‘em all

pokemon shuffle mobile walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will match three or more Pokémon at at time to make points
And, it also results in an attack on a pocket monsters at the top of the screen.

In the mean time, you can also use combos, and you must know and learn the different Pokémon types such as matches of Fire-types are effective against Grass-types and so on

Using combos will knock the Pokémon’s HP or health points down and get them for your collection.
You can also level up your captured Pokémon to be Mega-Evolved.

To catch them, be sure to win a puzzle battle by matching the same type of them on the board
By lining up three of the same Pokemon, you can clear them and they will then attack the opposing Pokemon.

If you can clear more Pokemon at once, they can deal more damage toward the other ones
So, just try to line up as many as you can.

During in the matching time, every time you see the opponent’s HP comes to zero, you can catch them
If you use less moves during the puzzle, you will get more chance to catch Pokemon.

Meanwhile, you can also tap the Poke Ball when you are ready
You can also use that Pokemon in puzzles if you successfully catch it.
When doing so, just try to use a Great Ball with coins to get a greater chance.

Once getting Pokemon, you can set them as Support Pokémon in which be sure to do it before selecting a stage to challenge.

Before going to the battlefield on the screen, be sure to use optimize button to know the spec of your pokemon
Using the optimize button will automatically select Support Pokemon in a good type matchups with the opposing Pokemon.

As said earlier, some of the Pokemon you have caught can be transformed into Mega Evolve.
At this tie, you must get Mega Stones to do Mega Evolve process
If the process goes well, you will get all Mega-Evolved Pokemon with powerful Mega Effects
Then, you can set them as your Support Pokemon in this game


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