Get Keys to Unlock New Character in Blocky Soccer iPhone

Blocky Soccer from Full Fat is the new coming in soccer or endless runner game with retro pixel for the ios and android platforms

blocky soccer walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play against other teams trying to score up each other
To play this game, you may need to get around all of the defenders on the field
At the same time, you can aim a kick into the opposing goal to make a score point.

In other words, all you will do here is to make a lot of score that will lead you to get more victories and win the big trophy.

In order to get past defenders, try to swipe from side to side to change lanes
Afterward, try to outpace defenders and their lane changes.
Here, you must tap on the screen to scoot forward
Then, run past defenders before they change into your lane.
And, when running past them, you will easily beat them.

So, just swipe and tap to defeat one defender, then keep applying that technique to beat the next defender at the field

After getting to the goal, be sure to aim the kick first
In the mean time, select how much power to give your kick to the goal.
At this point, just aim the kick past the defender and goalie

Never give a kick too much power or your ball will knock it over the goal
However, if you do not have enough power to make a shot, the goalie will dive and stop the ball.

On the other side, you will also have to defend your territory from the opponent
in accordance with this, try to watch video to reroll for the chance to stop the goal.

Meanwhile, you will need to get keys by kicking a goal
Make sure to do this and your ball hits a key sitting inside of the goal
After getting three keys, you can open three lockers
Moreover, if you get three matching uniforms, you will get a new character.
To get another locker opened for free, just watch the ad videos.


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