Get High Score to Earn 3 Stars in Cookie Mania 2 iPhone

Ezjoy has new and fresh matching three game which is bundled in Cookie Mania 2 in which this game seems to be similar to Cookie Blast Mania Christmas that has been popular on mobile platforms ios and android

cookie mania 2 walkthrough iphone android

This game will bring you to take on your friends then whip your way through the yummy dreamworld by switching and matching cookies in the same colors.

On the other words, you will merely switch and match cookies in group three or more
But, always think twice before making each move in each level

Later on, you will meet tough levels where you will also require some boosters to beat such levels
The main point in this game is to make less moves to pass a level, so that you will get higher score that will come to earn 3 stars on every level

In line with booster, you will meet Free Snowman Boosters when you reach level 25 of this game
Once completing the level 25, you will be rewarded with free 3 snowman boosters then you can proceed to the next level which is level 26.
Anyway, you will be brought to go back to the level 25 in order to get free 3 snowman boosters again.

When getting to the level 25, your journey will be a little bit hard, so you may be difficult when trying to pass the level 25.

To pass that level, you will definitely need snowman boosters.
Here, Snowman Boosters are the best in this level as you can get Snowman Boosters when you have successfully passed that level.

Snowman Boosters here will make a vertical line of bomb cookies which will guide you pass level 25 with ease.

In addition, you will only get 3 Snowman Boosters
Using one Snowman Booster will be enough for you to pass the level 25 in this game.
But, if you use 2 Snowman Boosters, you will quickly pass the level 25 easily.


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