Get High Score for Cash in SuperHoops Ultimate Arcade Basketball iPhone

SuperHoops from Sozap can be categorized into a new basketball shooting contest game that is played on the ios platform and it may go to android for future updates.

superhoops walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will do is to shoot as many baskets and get some points when playing against players online worldwide.
Every time, you can play with them online, you will get in-game cash.

In order to get even more cash, you can play the Daily Challenge Mode and be sure to win it.
There, if you can survive in that mode, you will get more points that will lead you to increase your rank
Then, if you rank in the top three in the challenge, you will be granted with a ton of cash.

To shoo the ball, you can try to swipe up then have your finger land in the middle of the square just above the hoop itself.
If you can do it closer to the middle, you will get better chances to make the shot
And, you will not brick it or airball it if you stop your thumb there rather than raising it up too high or not high enough.

Moreover, if you can aim the harder shots, you will earn more points per shot that you make, up to 10-20 points even for very far-away corner shots.
Here, the center of the small rectangle is just above the hoop and the target will be smaller and farther away, that will make it tougher to do this.

Once collecting enough cash, you can upgrade the ball that you have so that it will make you shoo it easier, farther, faster and more accurately.

In the mean time, as you level up, you will be able to unlock new balls
If you have enough cash, you can purchase a new ball to get better numbers and an even better upgrade upside.

On the other side, hitting enough shots in a row will make the ball be on fire, in which every shot will be worth double the points if the ball was not on fire.
If you miss two shots, the ball will lose its fire.
Thus, just make sure to take advantage of the fire to the highest degree that you can.


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