Get Helpers and Make Combo to Solve Puzzle Pets iPhone

Gameloft has delivered the most vibrant match-3 puzzle adventure you never ever seen before which has been wrapped in Puzzle Pets.

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This game has brought the pets in personality and loads of special abilities for unpredictable and adorable fun where you will have to match up to 6 pets and make over 10 colourful combos to rescue all the pets from the island

To get the combos, you have to train and master these Helpers so that you will be able to clear the island from threats including ice, iron, poison plants, etc

Later on this game, you will make a progress through snowy mountains, lush forests and 5 other uniquely themed islands bundled in enchanting scenery through 126 exciting levels.

In clearing each level, you will be able to use your favorite strategy along with 7 boosters from the spectacular Tornado

In the way of helping pets in that island, you have to create super eggs in which you have to match 4 or more pets of the same type.

Here, the most basic super egg is the striped egg, that you can make by matching 4 pets in the same colors whether horizontally or vertically
Doing this striped egg will shoot out a beam when matched, matching the entire row or column it is in.

On the other side, you can make X-striped eggs by matching 5 pets in a T shape.
X-striped eggs here will function like the basic striped egg
But, instead of shooting a beam out in the column or row, they will shoot out beams diagonally so that you can clear out big parts of the board

You can also have Bomb eggs that you can make by matching 5 pets in an L shaped.
When they are matched, bomb eggs will exploded, so that they will be immediately matching all surrounding pets.
Also, you will find that there is one explosion, then another, which will be great for clearing out big areas.

Moreover, you can also make the almighty rainbow eggs that you can do by matching 5 pets which is not following the x-striped or bomb formations.
Matching these rainbow eggs with any other pet will get you to match all pets of that same type on the whole board.
Using this rainbow eggs will be useful to match a lot of a certain type of pet.

Later on, you can also combine super eggs for having explosive results
In accordance with this eggs, you can actually combine and experiment certain super eggs for great results

In addition, you are able to bring one helper pet with you into any level.
Before using them, they must be charged by either matching pets on the board or feeding them directly, then you can employ their special abilities.

You can can use starting helper, such as Harold the Dog, that will match pets in a + formation.
You can also level them up by acquiring materials.
Thus, if you have more stars, you will get on a level along with more materials
And, the main point is to try to three star all the levels so that you can unlock additional helpers to help you in accomplishing tough levels in this game.


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