Get Geniuses for More Cash Cheats Planet Farm iPhone

Planet Farm can be categorized into an unique strategy and role playing game where you will be tasked to explore the galaxy, to colonize the planets and manage them to produce goods that you can use to expand your empire for being the largest one.

planet farm walkthrough ios android

To build your galaxy, you do profitable activities such as planting crops, building shops and selling goods with Earth characters to aliens.

Because of these, you can get earning to train and level up geniuses who will help you run your business and explore more planets to become the conquer of this game.

As initial start to build your empire, you can start removing all rocks and planting as many things as you have.
If you plant things, you will get more products that you can harvest more often
To get more results, just plant as much as possible in your planet.

Once planting more crops, you will usually wait them to grow up and harvest them
In order to get the fast harvest, you can apply time lapse trick
To do this, just quit the game and go to your time and date settings on your phone
There, just set the time forward by the required time
Now, all the timers is forwarded that will make the production ready to harvest.

Besides, you can start completing daily mission and manage it to get 100 points
Every time, you have completed a mission, you will get a reward and increase your chances of getting some geniuses delivered to you.

After having the geniuses, be sure to use them properly since they will give you great bonuses based on their element
At the same time, always check out their stats to figure out what bonuses they will give for your
and where the bonuses location will be the best place for them them.

Later on, you can switch geniuses from a position to another from the production room to research room
Do not keep a genius in the Production room if you have space for him or her somewhere else.
Try to place them back to the production room or research room

On the other side, this game will offer you to play the match three game indicated in a Ferris wheel floating on a cloud above your planet
Playing it will help time pass faster and you can win some extra money and goodies.

To play this game, you should try to make matches at the bottom, while unlocking as many bricks as possible and do it as fast as possible then keeping it going as deep as possible.
Once doing so, you will be granted with a bunch of great rewards

Meanwhile, this game will get you to collect more money that you can use to purchase anything in this game

In accordance with this, you can make a research as often as possible
At this point, you must check out the research tree of each of your shops so that you will see what you can research there.

There, you must try to get the best products that will give you more money
Also, having a variety of products will reward you with better gains
Moreover, you may have get an easy way to explore more planets for the next adventure

In addition, as this is a simulation game, all you will do here is to make a research goods, and explore more planets to find and more things to be used to grow your own planet


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