Get Gems to Unlock New Secret Characters in Magic River iPhone

Ketchapp has a fresh endless game which has been wrapped in Magic River that you can play on the iOS and Android devices

magic river walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to go down the river as far as you can without hitting any obstacles during your journey for high score

In the mean time, you will be assigned to get some gems through different locations that you can use to unlock new characters and boats
To play this game, just tap anywhere on the screen to change the direction of the boat.

When you are about start your journey, always look far ahead of where you are so that you will know when to hit the screen next.

The main point is to go straight for as long as possible to get free points based on how many rocks are in your way when starting off your current run.
You will sometimes get 2 or 3 points before a rock forces you to turn.

Then, when going left, just tap with your right thumb to go to the right.
When going right, just tap with your left thumb to move to the left.
If you can do that, you will get a chance to get higher scores.

According to this, tapping the screen will change your direction
Then, if you tap at the right time will get you right into the rocks or some other obstacle and crash there.

During the game, just focus on getting some more gems that will be useful to unlock new character
New characters will come along with the same performance but they have new different look

On the other side, this game will always pop up advertisement while you are playing
In order to get rid of the ads, you can set your phone into an airplane mode and data network

But, since the developer makes money form this ad, it will be better if you purchase the ad removal form iaps
Doing this will show your great appreciation of someone`s else work


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