Get Gems from Wheel Spin in Fortress Legends iPhone

Bandai Namco has come to the apple store along with their new game called Fortress Legends
This game can be included into a new type of PvP warfare with an action RPG for the ios and android platforms

fortress legends walkthrough ios android

Similar to any pvp warfare with an action RPG out there, you will get to build and reinforce your own fortress to keep enemy players from invading and stealing your resources.

In this action RPG, you will take on other players fortresses with the help of three other players in a co-operative fortress rush.

Gems here can be said as the premium currency of this game that you can use to purchase a plethora of helpful supplies

Thus, you must try to get gems by completing quests
Besides, you will also get skill points by completing the quests

In order to get them more, you can go to the wheel spins.
If you play ten hours or so, you will be rewarded with the gem rewards on the wheel which vary from 10 gems and 5 gems

Once collecting enough gems, never use them to speed up constructions.
Instead, use them for Pixie Tents which increases the max size of your construction queue, so that you can construct more buildings at a time.

When taking part in a Co-op Battle or Challenge Stage, all you will have to do is to clear out the entire fortress before leaving it

If you can destroy every single type of structure such as resource banks, resource producers, traps and turrets, you will get all three stars on the level.

You may need to battle with the boss room before destroying everything
Just remember to stay out of the center of the room when battling with the boss.
There, you may see the exit portal and if you stand there when the boss goes down you may be forced to exit the portal.

3. Group with players close to your level!

When tackling another player’s fortress, you will be grouped up with three other players. When you’re grouping up, try to find players that are around your level. When your group is finalized, the game will check the highest level in your group and assign you an opponent who is close to that level. That means that if you’re with someone much higher level than you, you’re going to end up fighting a high level player which means there’s is a good chance you will be killed very quickly by traps and enemies!

On the other side, if you participate in co-op battles, stay alert of your positioning and your class skills
During in co op battles, make sure to position a broadsword or twin daggers at the frontlines as they can take on enemies head on.

When equipping a staff or bow, you should hang back and pick off enemies from afar.
If you can apply that strategy, you can make it to the fortress owner with your party in one piece

Meanwhile, just a little heads up once assigning a skill point into a active or passive skill
You may need a 10,000 mana fee to respec your hero
It is why your skills are the main important factor here

You may summon circles, traps, and turrets to be packed near each other to have better protection.
Also, try to work with the walls and place valuable targets such as your Mana Tank and Gold Vault against the walls
Besides, surround them with your defensive structures.


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