Get Full Lives in Cookies Blast Mania Christmas Android

Robot Game as the developer of Cookies Blast Mania Christmas has offered you matching game where you will have to match three or more same color of candies to blast each other

cookies blast mania christmas walkthrough ios android

In this game, the back plane will be destroyed when candies on top of it are eliminated at one time
As said earlier, all you will do is to match the candies in the same colors

According to this, you can have a flame candy that you can do by matching 4 candies horizontally or vertically.

Then, if you can match 5 same color candies in cross pattern, you will generate a bomb candy
Later on, matching 5 candies horizontally or vertically will earn you color candy
Moreover, you can also try to swap two advance candies to create special effects

On the other side, you can get full lives in Cookies Blast Mania :Christmas anytime that you can do by doing time lapse trick

First step is to close Cookies Blast Mania Christmas game by either restarting your phone or shutting it it off from the task manager.
Afterward, set the time for 1 day or above.
Open the game and you will get your full Lives there.

Once collecting full Lives, you should now set back the time and date of your phone
As usual, open Cookies Blast Mania Christmas game but this time do not play a single game.
Close the game again that you can do by restarting your phone
Now, just go to phone`s settings then change the time and date to the current time and date based on your region.


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