Get Extra Gold from Alliance in Mobile Strike iPhone

Epic War LLC has presented Mobile Strike as a new modern-day warfare-themed MMO strategy game made for Android and iOS devices

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Seemingly, this game is promoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, where you will be assigned to build your base, train your units, then join alliances to battle with other players worldwide online.

In order to build your base, you will really need all the resources to construct, research, and train troops
In line with this, you can get more resources from other players if they are in your active stash.

Be sure to hide your resources indefinitely by completing missions.
At this point, you must not claim the reward until you need the resources.
Just leave any bonus resource items sitting in your item box until you need them as well.

Besides, you can also join an alliance, raging from alliance-focused missions to full-on moving to the same location
With your alliance, you can go on team raids and dominate your the game.
Moreover, if you can join a big-spending alliance, you will get a gift once someone buys an in-app purchase, such as gold

Later on, in the armory, you can produce weapons and armor using materials and mods.
You can find mods by completing missions
And, you can gather up materials in many locations, such as daily missions, outposts, breaking down manufactured items, or purchasing material crates.

You can also get mod crates and material crates in the alliance store catalog using Alliance Funds
In accordance with this, the leader of the alliance must make the purchasing decision
Anyway, you can lobby the leader to purchase a certain stuff.

Before going to the battle, you can scout a base or a resource tile so that you will know what you are up against.
Sometimes, if you play on an older server with beta testers, you may find abandoned bases.
You can firstly take this out since they are completely unsecured, and they always produce resources. According to this, just find these, attack them to grab their resources.

As usual, this game will take gold as the premium currency that you can earn in any other way.
To get the gold mine, all you will do is to connect your game account to Facebook
However, when you have it, it will let you send gold as a gift to your friends on Facebook and alliance members
In the mean time, you can also receive gold gifts from them.


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