Get Extra Gems for Power ups in Viber Wonderball iPhone

Viber Wonderball from Viber Media SARL can be said as a Pachinko-esque game designed for the ios and android platforms

viber wonderball walkthrough ios android

In this game, all you will have to do is to knock out all of the relevant pieces, especially for the red ones to make the points and collect gems, the premium currency of this game

After playing in many levels, you will have different characters with unique powers to help you finish levels very quickly and with a lot of balls left over, scoring up some bonus points.
In line with this, hitting the blue tile will enable the character’s roar, so that it will knock off all of the nearby red tiles.

Later on, you will see that the skill will change when you can complete form one level to another
At this point, the giant marble will need a lot of strategy to use it properly, that will help you clear everything out in one single hit.

On the other side, you will need lives to continue playing in later levels
In order to get extra lives without waiting for a long time, you can do the time lapse trick

Then, just set the time ahead on your phone by half an hour per life that you need to generate.
Anyway, you can get additional lives by asking your friends.

As said earlier, gems are the main currencies of this game where you can get them for free or by purchasing them through iaps

With all gems you have collected from the game, you will be able to get the power ups where you should hit the blue tiles to get them.
Once getting those power ups, just save them up for a really tough level only


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