Get Extra Gems Coins for Three Stars in Polar Pop Mania iPhone

Polar Pop Mania from Storm8 Studios can be said as a new matching three puzzle game that you can play mainly on the ios platform

polar pop mania walkthrough ios android

Your main objective is to rescue Seals and other Polar animals and get three star ratings in all stages that you have completed there.

Early on the game, just make sure to plan when starting to match
Here, you can try anticipating the balls, and focus on a side or the other to drop as many balls as possible.
Be sure to focus on the areas where you can drop multiple rows of balls in a simple match.

You can then aim for perfect shots to trigger the long aiming power-up.
Besides, do not do just tap-shots but try to aim better by tapping and holding on the screen, then you can drag your finger around to aim.

This game will always include gems and coins as the premium currencies that you can use for anything you want
Coins will be useful to get more power ups
In order to get those coins, you can repay the older stages

Always remember that, you will need stamina or energy when playing in the stages
So, be sure to get your energy meter filled up before going through some stages

You can also get your energy instantly by applying the time lapse trick
To do so, just log out the game then go to your device’s settings
Here, just set the time forward by 60 minutes and you can go back to the game.
Doing this will work to fill up your energy meter for potentially unlimited plays.

If you want to get three stars, you will need power-ups or the score multiplier to reach them.
Be sure to master a stage by playing it time and time again so that you will know exactly what you have to do

Doing so will get you to gain the score doubler power-up to that you will need to get three stars on the stage.

In addition, every time, you can complete a stage, you will be rewarded with coins and diamonds
moreover, if you want to collect some diamonds for free, all you will do is to connect the game to your Facebook account

Each time, you can do this, you will get 40 free diamonds
With enough diamonds, you have collected from the game, you can now get power ups to be used to get three stars for later stages


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