Get Cookies to Unlock Crossy Road Secret Characters Rugby Player Michael Boom Jughead iPhone

Crossy Road has now got the newest update that is new secret characters has been added in the game
Those secret characters are Michael Boom, Jughead, and the Rugby Player.

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For initial start related to this update, the character Michael Boom will be easy one to get as it is an obvious parody of Michael Bay.
To unlock him is to pick any character, then scan the streets for a rocket truck in a green big rig or lorry with a bunch rocket on the back of it.
In the mean time, you will have to run into it and it will blow up then.
From now on, every time, you play as Michael Boom you will see random explosions and airplanes everywhere.

The second character is Jughead from the Archie comics
To unlock him, you must unlock Archie first, then play as him.
After doing this, you will see cookies appearing around the screen that you must collect.
Once collecting enough of them, you will be able to unlock Jughead.

The third secret character in this new update is the Rugby Player, whereby you must firstly unlock the Squirrel then play and start looking around for a tree with a small white block in it like Rugby ball.
Get close to the tree and you will see the ball to be knocked off of it.
Afterward, you can then unlock the Rugby Player after you die on the stage.

On the other side, there will be a bunch of methods out there to make the ball appear.
You may have to collect four Acorns first, but videos have disproven this.
Sometimes, you must play twice and get scores within 10 of each other each time.
But, it likely random for the ball to appear
Thus, keep playing over and over to get is shown up eventually.


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