Get Coins to Unlock New Secret Characters in Mars Mars iPhone

Pomelo Games has launched Mars: Mars on the apple store as a new endless space exploration game where all you will do is to explore Mars as an astronaut for MarsCorp

mars mars walkthrough ios android

However, due to budget constraints, you will explore Mars with very little fuel and lousy jetpacks.
In line with this, you will move from platform to another in one piece while collecting coins to unlock more characters including El Dorado, Ufo, Arnold, Stephen, Little Martha, Marselot, Business Panda, Pancho, Mars Damon and Mario

To move the character fast, you can control of your thrusters between left and right thrusters.
If you can hold both sides at one time it will use more fuel
And, you will go up a little bit fast more quickly.
Doing this will be good way when you want to land on a platform slowly since it can reverse a drop more quickly.

Early on the game, tap the left side of the screen to fly your character in the right direction to go to the next platform.

Make sure to save up fuel, coast as much as possible until getting closer to the platform.
After approaching the platform, use your thrusters to slow down the descent, so that you can land on the platform in one piece

During the landing moment, always keep your eye open on the lights on the platforms as an indicator of how your landing is going to go.
If it lights yellow it means that you are descending slowly enough as to be on track for a safe landing.

But, if it flashes red, it is a warning that you are descending too quickly and are headed for a crash so you must slow down to land safely.

As said earlier, you will get more coins once completing mission by landing from one platform to another safely
In order to get more coins, make sure to check achievements
Also, you will earn coins when you can jump across multiple platforms successfully
Every time you do it well, you will get combo bonus which will earn you coins


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