Get Coins to Unlock New Cars and Tracks in Blocky Highway iPhone

Dogbyte Games has presented Blocky Highway as an endless driving game that you can play on the ios and android devices

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Along the game, you will merely drive various cars in the highway while collecting points by avoiding traffic and wrecking other drivers there

Every time, you drive on the highway, be sure to follow green arrows, since they will take you to go to the back of a trailer, or under a flying helicopter, where you can ride in style and also collect coins from there.

When driving on the back of a trailer, you can hit cars to wreck them
Driving on the back of a truck will allow you to steer into other cars without consequence so that you can complete mission goals smoothly.

Sometimes, a helicopter or truck will drop you off, in that it will make your car flash for a while
During these moments, you will be invincible where you can bash some fools off the road.

When you intend to take over cars in front of yours, you can lean on the horn to them so that they will move over or change their lane

Later on, when playing on hard mode where the traffic will be going in both directions, your drivers will take a long time to change lanes
At the same time, you will never really know which direction they will choose in which this will make your car ram into them.

For further, when getting near train tracks, stay alert of exclamation marks flashing above your car as this will indicate a train coming
For such reasons, you have to jump on the red ramp placed in front of each track which will spring you over oncoming trains.

On the other side, when you are about to wreck the other cars, just enter crash mode to get everything slow down in that way.

At this moment, you can steer you car to left and right that will allow you to take down other cars, especially for the black one near yours.
Every time, you do it well, you will be rewarded with points, so that you will create new record to as much points as possible with this way

In the mean time, you can also bounce off the roofs of cars in a Mario style chain to score up a bunch of points

In addition, every time you can complete each track successfully, you will be rewarded with coins that you can use to unlock new cars such as Dragster, Tank, Doggy Van, Police car, Speeder, Garbage Truck and Firetruck that will take you to have different experience when driving them

Besides, you can also unlock new tracks with a bunch of coins or you can unlock them by purchasing through iaps

In the middle of the game, you may see the ads always pop up on the screen
You can get rid of this ad by setting your phone into airplane mode
Anyway, if you want to appreciate someone`s works, you can purchase the ad removal from iaps


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