Get Coins for High Score in Move the Walls iPhone

Move the Walls from BeaverTap Games can be categorized into a new endless flying game that you can play on the iOS devices

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In this game, you will control either an arrow, a balloon, or one of many other characters, and move the walls out of their way so that they can keep going up while collecting coins scattered in your path.
If you can go farther up, you will gain higher score.

All you will do here is simply to swipe left or right to shift the gaps in an endless stream of obstructions so that your balloon, boat, triangle, or whatever will line up with the center of the screen and they can pass through safely.

Along the game, you will be able to merely swipe once per row
And, if you mess up and block yourself there is nothing you can do there.

Sometimes, you will also get to pass through a few gates that will earn you coins
In line with this, if you can collect more coins you are able to unlock more levels.

In this game, you will be introduced with two different types of walls, the spike and the cloud one.
The spike walls are the ones that will hurt you if you hit them
When dealing with this, try to swipe these out of the way at all times.

Otherwise, the cloud walls will not hurt you if you hit them
When being there, it is optional to swipe them out of the way.
Anyway, you can merely swipe them out of the way and keep the rhythm.

Always keep an eye on the top of the screen rather than the middle of the screen as this will help you swipe in the correct direction quickly rather than having any sort of delay in your rhythm
Also, doing so will allow you to see the wall a whole lot more quickly.
And, watching the middle of the screen will slow you down especially later on in the game.

Along the game, you will be able to get more coins
With all the coins you have collected through the game, you can purchase new backgrounds and wall colors.
Having each new background and wall color will provide you a new character as well.

On the other side, you may be interrupted with the ads scattered while you are playing
If you want to get rid of this ad, you can set the phone into airplane mode
Or, if you wan to give your appreciation to the developer, you can pay a buck to remove them in iap store.

As usual, always consider to take a rest after playing this game for few minutes
Once having fresh minds, you can play it back and starting to make high score again than you have got previously


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