Get Coins and High Score in The Balloons Endless Floater iPhone

The Balloons Endless Floater made by Noodlecake Studios can be categorized into an endless climbing game which is specifically made for the ios devices mainly

the balloons walkthrough ios android

The gameplay system of this game subscribes to a weird set of physics which can be said as unique to its experience.

Here, you will be brought to guide your heroes in form of Blue, Unicorn, Ghost, Frog and even Dead Bird to go through some stages while trying to avoid obstacles such as deadly spikes, dastardly dart shooters, and even flying ninja stars for gold coins that you can use to unlock new balloons.
Besides, you will also be tasked to gain score as high as possible

To play this game, you will simply control a balloon yearning for the skies
In line with this, tapping on the screen will make the balloon blow in a downward or sideways direction, so that it can lift the balloon as well as propels it to the sky.

When performing your action, your balloon can sometimes get stuck behind the auto-scrolling scenery
And, your balloon may be popped by darts, or speared by spikes, which will bring a premature end to its dream flight to the sky.

As said earlier, your main objective in the game is to avoid obstacles such as deadly spikes, dastardly dart shooters, etc for gold coins
To do that, you must try to time your move to go through each obstacle in one piece

Meanwhile, you will also have to collect coins scattered everywhere on the screen
Once collecting 100 coins, you will be able to play a slot machine game which will allow you to unlock a random balloon

What makes this game so cute is that those balloons come in different shapes in form of Cat, Ghost, Unicorn, Frog, Rabbit, etc

Sometimes, you may be entertained when they make different sounds once they get batted to and fro.
Also, some balloons will bring up different game backgrounds when they are selected.

These forms of balloons will not change how the game plays shown on the scree
But, it is rather than being fun to collect and give a different look when playing this game

During the game, when starting to open skies and a dart ambling along the way, you must try to last as long as you can for high score

Anyway, to guide your balloons to go through each area in one piece will be relied on your skill of tapping
Again, your timing of tapping will affect the way of your balloons move to the top

Thus, playing this game will take a lot of practice
Next, if you play it for more, you may get better to gain score and coins to unlock new balloons.


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