Get Codes for Gems Elixir to Scrolls in Dungeon Boss iPhone

Dungeon Boss from Big Fish Games can be said as a strategy RPG that is specifically designed for for the iOS and Android phones

dungeon boss walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be brought to go through an array of dungeons and collect new heroes
Besides, you must also lead your powerful heroes through heavily-armed dungeons, beating legendary enemy bosses and collecting loot to upgrade your heroes

There are some currencies such as gems, coins and scrolls that you will need to summon your heroes
Having gems and scroll summons will give you an advantage since they will give you rare and super rare 3, 4 and 5 star heroes.

You can get these summons in regular time, where you can also get some free items, character tokens, and characters.

Later on, you will be assigned to upgrade your heroes, and level them up in battle with the exp potions.
If you have got enough potions, save them up to get a new rare character at level 1
But, if you do not have any potion, you can then level them up by getting involved in easy fights for experience points.

When you are about to upgrade your heroes, be sure to upgrade their abilities with coins
In line with this, the max level of each of them will be equivalent to the max level of your player.
You will collect coins in the battlefield, and be sure to save those coins to level up your heroes

Then, when you ascend a hero, you can upgrade any new skills that they learn at at time.
In order to ascend a hero, just go to explore in area to find specific types of Evo, little blob monsters with very weak attacks that you can beat with one hit.

Every time, you collect enough of them, just check out your ascent requirements for each hero in your active party
It is to ease when you keep track of which ones are eligible to use them for ascension.

As said earlier, you will have to collect some currencies in form or gold coins and gems
Gems is the premium currency of this game, which is rare to collect in common ways
Sometimes, you will be granted with gems once completing certain missions

Commonly, you will be asked to purchase them through iaps
Anyway, you can ask your friends for free gems
Thus, just find more friends at the comment section of this post then add your friend code to the add me list
Right now, that is the only way to get some free gems in this game


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