Get Big Fish for More Coins in Fishing Mania 3D iPhone

Candy Mobile will allow you to cast your line to lure the fishes across some environments in this #1 3D fishing simulation game, Fishing Mania 3D

fishing mania 3d walkthrough ios android

In lien with this, this game will provide you the most realistic fishing sensations and in-depth game-play.

Along the game, you will be able to cast your line to hook the fish and wind the reel carefully to avoid snapping the line.

You will also be serve with a bunch of exotic native fish in different fishing spots
Also, you will then be brought to unlock new locations, jump into paradise blue, get daily bonus, and challenge yourself to make the biggest catch

To play this game is pretty simple as you will merely tap the cast button to cast the line then watch the float and wait it for a while.

Then, if you find the lure have a bite you must reel in as quick as possible
At this point, release the reel button will reduce the line tension in that if it is low you should reel in in again

On the other side, every 3 consecutive spins will activate a reel sign and 3 signs will activate a Reel Rush skill
Once getting the fish in your hand, you can let it go for more XP, or you can keep it for having more coins, as the main currency of this game.

Later on, tackles are categorized into 6 types namely rod, reel, line, float, hook, bait and lure.
Be sure to have better rods to deliver more damages to fishes.
Having better reels will increase your reeling efficiency.
And, lines determine the max distance, and better lines will increase your tension bar.
Furthermore, you will be able to to find treasures with better float.
Meanwhile, hooks will affect the power of reel rush skill.
In addition, with better baits and lures, you will catch more rare fishes that will come to more coins as well



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