Gems To Unlock New Hero in Heroes of Havoc Idle Adventures iPhone

Kiz Studios has presented Heroes of Havoc: Idle Adventures as a brand new RPG game for the ios platforms recently

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Here, you will get to collect amazing heroes, level them up and get campaign missions accomplished to help you move further and get gems, the premium currency of this game

During the game, make sure to tap the meter of the skill of your heroes to fill faster
In line with this, you can tap the healing skill of your healer to keep the squad alive longer
When dealing with easy enemies, just tap the offensive skills
Always tap the skill to improve your game when dealing every single enemy in this game.

All the skills in this game will have to be balanced well when you are about to upgrade them
You can prioritize your first skill and upgrade the others.

On the other side, you may gain extra loot by replaying older missions
Doing so will also allow you to gain skill points and upgrade your heroes
Therefore, keep your game open then tap the replay button on a mission
At this point, you will unlock idle mode where your heroes will battle while you are away, but make sure to keep the game open

In order to get loots and gems in the game, you can play in elite missions which are slightly more difficult than regular ones
You can play in such missions after completing a chapter

Moreover, completing them will give you better rewards in form of hero tokens and you will level up your heroes fast.

Later on, you will need to evolve your heroes once you have got the required set of equipment
Evolving your heroes will give them a new skill
However, it will also remove all the equipment, as well as skill progress that you have got so far whereby you may start over and build that particular hero up by completing earlier missions again

To deal with evolving your heroes, pick the common pieces of equipment, put them on the hero you want to evolve then evolve them
With this way, you will still keep the best equipment and your best items will remain in your collection.

After going through some missions, you will get gems any valuable items
One of valuable items is hero stones that you can use to unlock more heroes int the game
You can get them when beating boss and complete elite missions
Plus, you can also get them from Crusades and Trial missions.
You can then get the fourth hero that you can do by completing the Elite campaigns

In accordance with this, you can also watch an ad video which allows you to open two chests at the same time.


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