Gems to Unlock New Characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms iPhone

After announcing Disney Magic Kigndoms few days ago, now Gameloft have just come to the App Store along with that game
And, the developer has also made the game for the android phone

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Here, you will build your amusement park and unlock favorite Disney characters to help you complete your quest which will bring you more rewards in form of gems.

The main point to make money form your park is to keep the people visiting your amusement park happy
In line with this, just tap the icons above some of the children’s heads in the park which will give a wish to fill up the meter and unlock all the great rewards

Always consider to follow and complete the missions which will give you rewards in form of gems and level up your character

When you see some of your characters to be idle, make sure to check out the kids around and give them something to do which unlocks items required for extra characters or leveling them up
Sometimes, you may go for the activity which will give you the most magic.

Along the game, always try building all the structures which will give you something close to each other Doing so will ease your step not to scroll too much to check each one out.
Consider to unlock all characters and level them up by playing the game and optimizing your play time

On the other side, you will be served with all activities to get the biggest reward
In accordance with this, doing a 60 second activity will grant you 5 magic
If you can be active for 4 hour, you may get 100 magic as the rewards

Meanwhile, just think to do the quick activities when you are in the game
In the mean time, make sure to set your characters do the longer ones while you are offline for a while

It is caused by, you will be able to maximize your magic gains so that you can build or buy everything in the game fast which will guide you to have an amazing kingdom and more rewards such as gems or any other valuable items


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