Gems to Get Rare Heroes in Grand Sphere iPhone

Silicon Studios has come to the ios and android markets along with their newest game, Grand Sphere
This game is a new RPG made with a unique new battle system, where you will be brought to search for Queen Stella, and go to explore are for quests

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During your quests, you will then fight in the arena against other players and build a massive collection of characters, such as common and rare ones.

Before going to the battle with enemies, you must firstly learn the basic elements.
Red beats green
green beats blue
Blue beats red
Yellow and purple or light and dark beat each other

Basically, one area of the world map will have enemies who fall into one element
Anyway, the arena parties will tend to be multi-elemental.

Along the game, you will be able to slide your heroes back and forth over various spheres to pick which one the best hero for activation.

Weak heroes must use boost spheres, such as attack up.
Strong heroes must use attack spheres or healing spheres
These heroes will have a stronger effect based upon that hero`s stats.
Later on, you can match the element of the sphere to the element of the hero to get bigger boost.

For further, you will then be brought to level up your party members with a boost that you can gain by replaying old levels

In line with this, you can go to the Enhance area, where you can sacrifice unneeded heroes to power up the ones in your active party.
Besides, you can use common heroes as material units and use rare heroes as the base units.

If you see one of your hero has reached its max level, you can then evolve it to add one star to its star rarity.
At this point, you will really need a specific batch of material items and Luna to evolve a hero.

After your hero has evolved to higher level it will reset and its base stats will improve to bigger one.
Furthermore, you can then enhance them again, or you can merely go back to an old level and fight against them again.
Meanwhile, all of your heroes can be evolved twice for maximum stats.

In addition, this game will also feature gems or diamonds as the premium currency
With such currency, you can then go to the shop and scout for new hero or rare one there

In order to get more gems, you can complete level and if you can beat boss in the game, you will get more rewards in form of gems
Besides, you can also get more gems by replaying older stages that you have beaten before

With more gems you have collected from the levels, you can use them to get rare heroes
To get that rare heroes, you can get them from the arena or by playing in special events available on this game.


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