Gems to Get Briefcase in Build Away iPhone

Build Away! Idle City Builder from Futureplay can be categorized into is a city building game which will challenge you to earn money as much as possible to build, upgrade and expand your city to the most valuable one

build away walkthrough ios android

During the game, you will be assigned to get more diamonds, the premium currency of this game
In order to get them, make sure to keep deliveries enabled, which can double money earning from all your buildings for two hours.

At that time, you can add extra two hours to a 12 hours by watching promotional ads
Watching such kind of ads will grant you extra free briefcases, which are always handy to build your city

Besides, you will also get free briefcases when reaching certain building milestones
Plus, you will get them when collecting money and watching an ad to start the Carnival or Enable or Extend deliveries.

Every briefcase here will come along with three random cards offering you a brand new building
To get this briefcase, you can purchase Briefcases for regular money

After getting briefcase, you can check out your Building collection which will show you 25 buildings to collect and upgrade.
When having the required numbers of the same building card to level up the building automatically, you will get more profit from this

Sometimes, you may switch buildings between them in order to get love or the hearts which can boost your profits

You can then upgrade this that can double the profit bonus per every single heart you have got.
To get love, just switch buildings between them, from Briefcases or Gifts from your friends

When switching a building in your city with one in your inventory, you will get a specific number of Hearts.
In the mean time, you may have to go through the Power and Construction upgrades once more, since the bonus in profits you get for all your buildings will help you increase the progress

Always consider to save some money before making the switch to at least unlock the first Power level
Because of this, you do not have to tap to collect each time is generated.
Thus, just switch buildings to get more hearts which will guide you to have a beautiful metropolis in the game

On other side, you may consider to increase the energy level to increase the money production times
In accordance with this, when you are about to upgrade the Power Levels, make sure to look at the small number in the upper corner of the building there
Here, you should get your Power level to a new level first, then add 10 upgrades
Later on, you can then upgrade the Construction levels to higher one to maximize profits.


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