Gems Stone Cheats in Island of Mu iPhone

The apple store has just got a guest of a really addictive monster breeding game, Island of Mu that will allow every player to fill up their island with the amazing creatures and breed them there.

island of mu strategy guides ios android

Early on, you will start with the option to get some tiny habitats
Furthermore, you will soon be able to unlock a new type of habitat, but do not settle for just getting the new one on your island.

At this point, you should move all your monsters to the new habitat and replace the smaller one to increase your profits.
Moreover, you can fill all your habitats full with monsters, even though they are low level and a lower rarity in which they will still earn you some coins though

As making some progresses through the game, you will see that space can be an issue, so that you must try to use what you got at a maximum
To do this, remember not to buy any decorations and you must squeeze all the buildings close together so that you can use all the space that you have.

On the other side, you will be able to earn some extra Gems by completing some achievements then put them to a good use like investing in an extra Mugwai
Because of this, you can work more fields at the same time.
Here, you will always have four Mugwai to put to work, but you will be good at starting with it

And, when sending your Mugwai to work, just choose the 5 minute jobs if you have the time to wait.
Selecting these jobs will be the best choices in terms of coins per unit of produced food or stones
But, leaving for a longer period of time, you can take the most expensive one in order to max out the items produced per time period.

Besides earning more gems, you will also get a chance of collecting the coins more often
To gather them up, you can collect them from your habitats as they usually take a lot of time to fill up, based on the level of the monsters inside
However, once they are full, they will no longer make money for you.
Thus, always collect all the coins from the habitats before you stop playing, so that you will be able to max out your gains.

Meanwhile, when sending your monsters to hunt and to create a brand new monster for you, you will be able to increase the chances of getting a rare one by spending some material from The Source.
According to this, you must do it as you will need rare monsters that give you more coins and are more impressive than regular ones

In order to breed new monsters, you will require stones
Also, you will really need food that must be leveled up and the one resource that gets consumed faster. Thus, for every one stone job, you must do three food jobs in order to keep a balance.

In addition, you must try to have the best variety of monsters on your island, that you can do by breeding multiple elements.
If you can do that way, you are able to get a new animal and you will never know the real outcome of your Hunting process.


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