Gems Stone Cheats in Fable Age iPhone

Kongregate has presented matching 3 game wrapped in Fable Age
In this game, you will be assigned to control a number of fictional heroes, such as King Arthur, Aladdin, and Robin Hood

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To play this game, you will merely match three or more gems, with a match of four or more translating to a combo hit along with strategic and role-playing game elements to consider when you add it all up.

Anyway, this game is based on team play, where you have to focus on improving your entire team
Also, when it comes to power-ups such as potions and elixirs, you must use them on your team.

On the other side, you must also consider to level up your heroes
In line with this, you must consider elements, and how they work against any given enemy.
Then, when it is about to level up your heroes, be sure to have at least two to three team members per element leveled up.
Doing this will keep you prepared for any type of enemy that you will meet in this game.

Moreover, you must level up the most powerful heroes in your squad, the boss which should be leveled up with better skills.

As usual, this game will feature currencies in form of gems and fable stones that you can collect after beating all enemies in the battlefield
Once getting gems, you can use them for your special characters

Special characters in this game are stronger than the common ones
For such reasons, be sure to spend your gems, toward spinning for rare characters.
Doing this will help you make the strongest team possible

Later on, after getting some rare heroes on your team, you can then go to collect one star or two star heroes then level them up to ultimately be your rare heroes.

In addition, when dealing with enemy`s boss, be sure to use your big combos, such as nine or ten piece combos, that will work by recharging your health quickly and forming cascade runs so that your attacks will be stronger ones.


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