Gems Star Rating Cheats in Fashion Story Daring Red Android

Storm8 Studios will let you run your own boutique that you can make it true in their newest game, Fashion Story Daring Red, as the #1 fashion game specifically for android platform and it may also be launched on ios soon packed with new limited edition content

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In this special red-themed edition, you will be able to throw on your elegant and stylish outfit then you will compete with your friends to win the envy from them.

Once being the winner, you will then celebrate and dance your way into your fan’s hearts
Later on, you can select the latest chic, sell fun dance fashions, and make a layout of your boutique with hot trendy decorations, so that it can attract customers for the new season
Attracting more visitors will come to more gems and coins which are the main currencies of this game

On the other side, you should display the items on the counters
And, you should put racks to display clothing items.
Once your item is on a counter or rack, your customers will see and they will automatically visit your boutique.

Again, if you have potential customers coming in, you will have a chance of earning gems and coins from them

Also, make sure to keep your customers happy by displaying enough items in your boutique and enough mirrors and dressing rooms for them to try out their items.

Here, mirrors are vital for customers to try out accessory items
And, dressing rooms are needed for customers to try out clothing items.

Anyway, if there are no items to purchase in your boutique or not enough places for them to try out their item, they will get frustrated and leave your boutique.
So, to handle this, be sure to have a bunch of items, some mirrors and dressing rooms for potential customers

As a result, having more happy customers will attract even more customers that will come to more gems and gold coins as well

To attract more visitors, you can also try to customize your boutique
You can customize it with only clothing and accessories, counters, racks, mirrors, and dressing rooms
And, you can let it purely decorative with no functional items, or it can be anywhere in between.

Once getting the boutique open, you can then browse the various categories and pick items to purchase and place in your boutique.
To get an item, just tap on it and tap again at the location you want to place it or you can drag it to where you want to place it and tap again to confirm.

In addition, you can also join the community in that the members will help you in promoting items in their boutiques or writing an encouraging comment on their walls.

You can find members of the Community, by opening the Social page from the Main Menu then tapping the Community tab to view a list of several Community members
Then, you can go to their boutiques by tapping the Visit button and you can only promote an item in a Community member’s boutique 3 times daily

Moreover, if you can promote another player’s selection while visiting their boutique, you will be rewarded with bonus experience and coins so that your Star Rating will sky high.

Here, Your Star Rating will be displayed at the bottom of the boutique and it can range from 0 stars to a full 4 stars.
If you can be the highest star rating, your boutique will appear at the top of the Community list.


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