Gems Star Medals Cheats Battle Glory 2 Android

MG Studio has continue to launch the newest series of Battle Glory, called as Battle Glory 2 in which this game still presents a war strategy game that you can play mainly on android platforms

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Along the game, you can wage battles and invade the other clans base for resources, gems, fuel and gold supplies

Also, you will have to grow from a regular soldier to the Supreme Commander that will allow you to conquer all enemies bases at ease

So, just command your highly mechanized troops with tanks, planes and other modern weapons to destroy your enemies for the ultimate Glory and resources, gems, gold and fuel

Early on the game, when a League Battles starts, you will enter the League Battles automatically based on the Honors that you have at that time.

And, once the League Battles have begun, you will not be able to change to higher level League Battles even if you get more Honors points.

In line with this, players in the same League will be categorized into groups and each of them will consist of up to 100 players.

During in a League Battles, you can attack any player in the group of the same League Battles and you can only attack each player once.

On the other side, you can be attacked in the League Battles even though you are of being online or offline form the game.

Even though, you have the active shield, you will still be attacked by the other players in the League Battles of this game.

Then, if you get you base attacked in the League Battles, the results will not impact your Honor count or your resources.
Later on, you will be granted with League Battles stars if you can beat the enemies when battling them
Moreover, you will also get some resources if you can get victory in the battle in this game

And, you will get a fixed amount of resources in each battle if you have at least one star.
With these stars that you have earned during the entire period of the current League Battles in this game, you will level up your rank

On the other side, you will also get a bunch of rewards in League Battles
Except getting a fixed amount of resources, you will also get one star in the battle if you can win it.
Plus, you can also get League Battles Medals and Gems at the end at the league Battles based on your ranking in this game


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