Gems sPackage Cheats Wakfu Raiders iPhone

Gumi along with Wakfu Raiders, a pretty addictive RPG will get you to build a solid unit and go to battle to beat zany enemies such as the Wabbits shooting carrots and strange birds the reduce your attack rate.

wakfu raiders walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, just learn the special attacks before fighting in any type of mission
Here, you can tap the I button in the upper right corner and see the attacks will go.
You will have to learn these following special attack types

Attack Buff is three elements of the same type which increases your attack.
Defense Buff can be categorized into two elements of one type, one different which increases the defense.
Recovery Buff consists of element 1, element 2, element 1 which increases the REC stat
Dexterity Buff is element 1, element 2, element 2 that increases DEX and increases the dodge rate chance or the attack of the ranged units.

Just try to focus on my front heroes because this also increases their special attack rate gains which gives you a solid advantage in battle.

On the other side, you will also see how this rock-paper-scissors formula works in the game by tapping the I button in the upper right corner.
Using this will work on the heroes you bring into battle and take advantage of the element bonuses.

When being in the battlefield, place your heroes which is one on the front line since it will attack first
Then, place the ones in the back that are the last to attack.
Be sure that you have the heroes with the biggest health and the ones you plan to use the most up front.

Next, activate the special attacks of your heroes, as soon as they are unlocked that is in the best possible order: area attacks first, then single target attacks.

As usual, this game will come along with gems and coins as the main currencies
To get more coins, you must focus on completing the daily missions
With these coins, you can get new stuff from the Portal or upgrading your Heroes.
So, use this to earn a lot of coins every day.

Moreover, if you can win in each battle you will be granted with gems as your rewards
Plus, be sure to complete mission that will earn you a bunch of gems that you can use to purchase anything in this game

Meanwhile, enhancing your heroes will need a ton of different types of materials
You can tap each required material to go to the mission that you can get them from.

At this point, you can find any dungeons giving you more types of needed materials for enhancement and grind those missions until you get them all.

You have to level up new heroes with the potions
Besides, especially for the veteran heroes, they will gain experience while you go through the missions, while the new ones can use the boost.
Thus, just save up the potions for when you get new heroes to quickly get them in shape for battle.

Once they leveled up, they can unlock more and more skills which can be leveled up individually.
These will also improve your stats greatly, so just max them out

Participating in the Arena will make you rick of coins and gems
There, you will deal with tough enemies online for having more rewards if you can win it
So, the better your ranking in the Arena, the better your daily rewards
Logging in this game daily will also give you bonuses in form of coins or any valuable stuff


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