Gems Ruby Seeds Cheats in Fruit Attacks iPhone

Fruit Attacks from En Masse Entertainment can be said as a new action puzzle game that you can play both on the iOS and Android devices.

fruit attacks walkthrough ios android

To play this game, all you will do is to aim, drag, arc, and shoot with an innovative multi-touch aiming system
With this system, you can aim and bend your shots at waves of invading fruit attackers to take them out before they reach Earth.

On the other side, you will also have to shoot and plan your move through 90 unique stageswhile collecting some valuable power-ups, rewards, and pet cats

And, you will be able to chain your shots together into epic combos that will give you a high score on the leaderboard
This, just take out fruit attackers to get their juice and blend it into tasty rewards

In other words, since all types of fruit attack from outer space, you will have to knock them out by shooting all kinds of shots and using your Sati’s skills.

Along the game, you will be provided with five lives in this game
And, if you lose a life, you will normally wait half an hour for it to return.

For such reasons, if you want to get your lives back right away, you can do the time lapse trick
In line with this, just set the time on your phone by half an hour
Then, go back to the game in which you will get your lives restored there.
Be sure once getting your full lives, you should set the time back to normal

As said earlier, you can bend your shots towards incoming enemies in each stage
When doing so, you can also simply shoot a straight shot with one finger.

Besides, you can use this method especially if you have to think fast and you keep messing up other shots.
In the mean time, just try to keep a combo going for a long time with these straight shots.

After playing for a while in many stages, you will be able to get golden seeds
These golden seeds are useful to upgrade your Sati skill
Anyway, when you do this, its special ability will be more powerful.

According to these golden seeds, you can collect them by replaying old stages and beat them again and again to get an unlimited number of that seeds.

Plus, your pet can also bring you back golden seeds, and even ruby seeds, the premium currency of the game.

With all seeds you have, you can use them on new Sati or mini-Sati that will provide you a passive stat boost
Moreover, you can user them on upgrades to one or the other.

Later on, you can play in the nightmare mode which opens up for an episode after you have beaten the normal version of said episode.
Playing in this mode will give you a chance to get bigger rewards which may be in form of golden, ruby seeds or even gems seeds.


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