Gems Pack in Age of Warriors Cheats on iPhone

This game is categorized into a tactical squad-based RPG where you will guide a group of powerfully trained heroes.
Then, you will be able to lead them to get victory with the best strategic battle plans ever and be the best tactician of all of Elantra in Age of Warriors game.

age of warriors strategy guides

At the beginning of the game, you should build a balanced team which is consist of a fighter, an archer, and a mage in that each class counters another a class that will be fighters beat archers, archers beat mages, and mages beat fighters.

Later on, you will be allowed to move around your heroes whereby be sure you position them wisely
In the battle, heroes and enemies will attack the closest target to them, and you are able to see this by moving your heroes around.

A blue line will show what your heroes will attack
A red line will show what the enemies will attack.

So if you place your fighter in the front, all enemies will focus on him in which it will make the less protected archer and mage and stay safe in the back.
At the same time, you can try to target the less armored enemies first, such as archer and mage types.

Here, your skills will take part in turning the tides of battle.
Sometimes, your hero will completely be invincible to physical damage then you can place him in the front lines at all time, soaking up as much damage as he can.

The ranger’s Powershot skill shoots out a piercing shot in a straight line.
If your enemies are lined up, your skill will take a lot of them out with one shot.
Furthermore, you should upgrade these skills with skill books, which you get from questing then go to the ladder ranked matches.

Every time, you get a new equipment scroll, make sure to craft it quickly
At this point, equipment and upgraded equipment are top priority when determining your team’s strength.
Be sure to upgrade a piece of equipment to level 10 and if you want better equipment, you have to find the crafting scrolls.

In order to craft a scroll like weapons and armor give you a huge boost, you must have the scroll itself, the unupgraded item, and a material.
According to this, new equipment and enhancing equipment increases your heroes’ stats.

In line with this, you can find materials as you progress through the levels, and you can also check to see what levels a specific material comes from.
Enhancing your equipment is important as when you make the better version of a piece of equipment, then you can transfer the upgraded level of the old item to the new one for a small gem fee.

On the other side, enhancing equipment costs low gold amounts and some iron ingots.
But, iron ingots are also kind of easy to get, and you will get iron veins throughout the levels.
Then, you also get them from rewards, chests, etc.

After making some progresses through the game, you should improve your military rank in order to unlock new heroes
Before purchasing new heroes in the hero hall, just improve your military rank that you can do by unlocking the Battle Court first, so that you can attack players.
When attacking other players, make sure to check out their team levels and equipment

Before going to invade enemies territory, you must train your heroes after you pass a couple levels with a selection of three instructors, who all improve individual stats.

At this stage, just select the hero and the stat you want to improve, but make sure your success rate is above 100% in which 50% is restored every day, so just hold off on the training if you are lower than 100% at that time.

Furthermore, once you have cleared out some levels in the second world, Death Valley, the Realm of Spirit will unlock in the Stormrage Plains.
You can then undertake trials to defeat difficult opponents which will reward you badges so that your heroes can upgrade their class

For further, once you have upgraded a hero’s class, all of their stats will improve and they can also learn new skills
Meanwhile, elements are passive stat bonuses that you can give to your heroes, and it includes HP, Magic Resist, etc.


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